When to fly after a BBL in the DR? I'm having a BBL in the DR and saw that many doctors don't advise flying soon after. (photo)

I originally decided to stay in a RH for 10 days post op, but after contemplating my day of flying (7am-10pm with 2 layovers) I've decided now to be at a RH for 2 full weeks. Doctors, in your opinion can I sit without risk of fat cell death at 2 wks post op? I'm in first class, so i was thinking just taking on a big fluffly pillow. Is there a position that would be best? I was going to rest on my sides, but I'm having fat injected in the hips, so that may not be a great idea. Thanks!

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Flight after BBL

2 weeks will be more than enough for your flight. a Fluffy pillow is a really good idea as well. So dont worry and have a safe and pleasent journey to our beautiful country.

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