Face sagging. Any suggestions?

I had two molars on the left side removed, on the and bottom, approx 18 months ago, I also had filler, botox ulthearpy and a fraxel done!! Around the same time! Prior to all this I looked barely 30! Now l look 40, and I am 37!! I am so perplexed and distraught, trying to make sense of what has happened to my face? And I have been to Dr.s and they have no answers, they just prescribe me antidepressants, will my face go back to normal

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Liquid Face Lift with Dermal FIllers May be an Option

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Dear Rachel,

I believe the best option for you is injection of dermal filler in the mid face.  The sagging is due to loss of fat and volume in the mid face or cheek region. This is causing the skin to sag forward and deepen the laugh lines.  By place some dermal fillers such as Voluma or Radiess in the cheek region you can improve the volume and cause a lift in the midface softening the laugh lines. 

In addition, you can consider either Restylane or Beltoero in the tear troughs which will also brighten your eyes In my opionion, you are a little young for plastic surgeon and dermal fillers may provide you with an option until then.

All the best

Dr Soni

Summit Emergency Medicine Physician

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