Can exxis retainers change the alignment of uneven teeth after braces? Would getting braces again be a better option?

I got my braces removed a few months ago, but I'm not satisfied with the results. My teeth aren't quite aligned properly. The most noticeable difference is my front teeth. My orthodontist decided to use the exxis retainers to push that one tooth up, but it hurts so much I'm hesitant to take it off and put it back on. I'm wondering it this is a possible way to correct this kind of problem. I think that getting braces again would be a better and less aggressive way to fix my teeth.

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Retainers retain

If the tray delivered is not the EXACT shape of your teeth and their alignment, then it is not a retainer.  Retainers ONLY retain (hold position).  Otherwise, you essentially have a "single tray Invisalign case".  

There are many ways to move teeth, and when done essix retainers are usually a great way to retain the new positions.

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