Chin implant too big, ruining smile and looks bulky.1 week 3 days post op, what chin implant would suit me if I switch? (photos)

I got a vertical chin implant small, the doctor said it would add about 5mm. But I am really concerned since my profile looks super bulky and now my lips look super thin. My smile has also changed from the front, I just want this fixed ASAP. I also got buccal fat removal as well. If I switch implants what kind of implant and size should I go with? I'm very depressed I don't look like myself :(

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Not sure what you need, but ask your doctor about just removing the implant.

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You could probably just have the implant removed, and consider a smaller implant later.

When you say "vertical" implant, was it designed to add vertical height to your chin? Adding vertical height make the face look masculine. In your before photo, your chin, from the front, was very pleasantly short in its vertical height. Perhaps you could add forward projection to the chin from the profile view, but I wouldn't add any vertical height.

I can't tell how much is swelling and how much is the implant. Perhaps your doctor would have a feel. The implant is supposed to look too big at 10 days, but not hugely too big.

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