Is it possible for capsular contracture to develop from breasts bouncing during sex? Can it be prevented if caught early?

I've had my implants since 2008, but have had 2 revisionary surgeries on my left breast. The 1st in 2014 due to a torn pec muscle from exercise, causing the implant to migrate toward the tear (near sternum). The 2nd in April '16 diagnosed as capsular contracture, cause unknown. Until now, I have healed well and am very careful with all activity to protect them. Yesterday, my breasts bounced during sex, today the left breast is very sore, similar to when I had capsular. I'm worried.

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Post sex Capsular contracture

Capsular contracture don't result from activity. But it may occur is there is bleeding around the implant which can be secondary to trauma. If the breast has hardened or developed swelling after the activity, have it checked by your local board certified plastic surgeon. 

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Capsule contracture from sexual activity?

Kiki I think it is near impossible to answer your question but I can tell you it is quite unusual for modest to moderate physical exertion or trauma to initiate a capsule contracture after the initial healing period.  It is possible however so my best suggestion would be that you meet an ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon to be examined and evaluated unless your symptoms rapidly reverse.  Capsule contractures have been associated with bleeding and trauma such as from a fall or car accident as well as even from viral illnesses or mastitis while breast-feeding.  I hope your symptoms disappear and wish you the best.  Do not wait too long since there are medications that may benefit you if started early.

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Motion not usually a cause of capsular contracture

If there is bleeding or inflammation from a torn muscle (presumably what happened with your first CC) then that can be a factor in capsular contracture. Normal motion with sex or exercise should not be a factor. 

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