Still having breathing problems after a year of having a septoplasty done. (photo)

last year I had a septoplasty done and my breathing problem is still increasing. Before my surgery I went to several of doctors and most of them said I either need a rhinoplasty or I have to restructure your nose In order to breathe doctor said I just need a septoplasty. After the septoplasty I've notice that my nose is very red to the point where make up won't cover it and veins are visible. I chose him because he said I could have the surgery within a month. Not sure what to do now.

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Breathing problems after septoplasty

Sorry to hear you are still experiencing breathing problems. Often times this may be due to allergies, which requires medical therapy (such as nasal steroid sprays) rather than surgery. Some patients require a rhinoplasty to address nasal obstruction. In order to determine why you continue to experience nasal obstruction after the septoplasty, a proper physical exam is necessary. 

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