Alopecia areata / universalis 9 months to see a dermatologist. Any suggestions?

I have a 2" circle of hair missing on the top of my head. I am also missing 2" x 4" of hair from base of neck center to my ear on one side. I am on Clobetasol and am seeing some improvement on the top of my head. Not sure about the nape. I also have missing arm and armpit hair. Have an appt with a dermatologist, but can't be seen for 9 months. Can this delay cause permanent hair loss? Willing to travel to different province if required.

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Alopecia Areata

There is an excellent cosmetic treatment for alopecia areata and alopecia totalis which is shown well in the web links below. We have treated many patients with both conditions with great cosmetic results.  Look for those patient examples in the scar section of this web link

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Waiting ... does it affect outcomes in AA?

Waiting does not usually affect outcomes in alopecia areata in the first 12-16 months. Seeing a dermatologist is the right step. The dermatologist will review your story and examine your scalp and discuss the best "next steps" for you.Options for treatment include:1. steroid injections2. Diphencyprone3. Anthralin4. Prednisone5. MethotrexateAll patients with alopecia areata should get blood tests. In our Vancouver alopecia areata program, I generally advise blood tests for CBC, TSH, ESR, free T4, vitamin B12, Ferritin. I often do baseline celiac testing in children. 

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