Is this the aftermath of CO2 and Ultherapy combined?

Approx 14 months ago I had a c02 and then month later ulthearpy! And filler now I have these over sizes saggy cheeks and the volume loss has changed my eye symmetry! How is this ok!

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Overheating facial tissue can deplete Filler

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Your question is a good one.  What you are describing is a thermodynamic soft tissue interaction which results in midface volume loss.  Combination therapy with fillers, energy devices (ulthera) and laser (CO2), can have some positive aesthetic effects but can also have some side-effects from interactions, similar to taking 2 or more oral medications which negatively interact.  

In your case, the combination of a strong ablative laser (co2) and deep tissue energy device (ulthera) may have depleted some facial fat and volume.  Good news is your midface volume loss can be corrected with a cohesive gel filler such as Voluma.

Good luck!

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Ultherapy / CO2 Laser- Long Term Results

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I have answered several of your other questions regarding your previous treatments. Ultherapy cannot age your skin it can only help improve it. Co2 laser helps for resurfacing wrinkles and improves pores, sun spots and texture, but doesn't help tighten or lift the skin which requires other treatments. I suggest you see an expert for further evaluation. Please post standard photos in both same lighting.   Best, Dr. Emer

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