Can I Do These Activities on Accutane?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 1. While on 80 mg daily accutane (1 week in), can I take a daily multivitamin (centrum for men, vit A count - 300 mcg/1000 IU), protein powder, creatine, testosterone support supplements? 2. Am I able to take any of these procedures while on accutane and, if not, how long should I wait until I can? Liposuction or liposonix, fraxel repair, minor hair transplant, laser hair removal? 3. Is it worthwhile to take Vitamin E orally? What's a good daily dosage?

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What can I take while on Accutane

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You should cover these supplements with your doctor. In general I tell people they can take a multivitamin, but they should avoid all other regular vitamins. Protein powder, creatine, testosterone, all of those actually can alter your hormones and make you more prone to breaking out - which is what you are trying to avoid on Accutane. If you frequently take these you need to talk to your doctor because ultimately when you're off the Accutane, you could get acne back by reusing these again. It's going to be a delicate balance that needs to be determined by you and your physician. All the rest of the procedures you noted need to wait until about 6 months post-Accutane.

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