6 weeks after full abdominoplasty. Have serious posture problem. Feels like PS overstretched my skin.

6 weeks after full abdominoplasty. Have serious posture problem. Feels like PS overstretched my skin but never admit that. He is very ignorant and never call or email me since surgery. He provides his Pager (!) # and never return my call. Can't trust this person. Need honest advice about how to fix my posture if it's possible of course. Thank you

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Too tight

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some people recover more slowly than others.ave never seen a situation where the patient did not eventually stand up fully..please be patient. my guess is that you need to make an appointment and speak to your surgeon in person.

Newark Plastic Surgeon

Tightness after tummy Tuck

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as long as you her wounds have not separated and appeared to be healing well there is no way that it is too tight and you should be able to regain your normal posture shortly. if the wound was closed with too much tension wound healing would've been affected.  Don't worry it'll take some more time

David J. Goodkind, MD
New Haven Plastic Surgeon

Posture Problem After Full Tummy Tuck Surgery

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I'm sorry to hear about your problem, but without personal consultation it would be hard to identify the underlying cause.

The feeling of tightness is not uncommon in the first two weeks after tummy tuck.  To avoid pulling incisions, patients are generally advised to maintain a posture or sleeping position in which they are flexed at their waist.

However, most patients can be fully upright a week or two after surgery. 

He is very ignorant

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Hi galinas,  I'm sorry you're having issues with your recovery. Your board certified plastic surgeon is well trained and undoubtably has your best interest in mind. It seems that your relationship has deteriorated and you should try to repair it. Accusing your PS and calling him ignorant (you probably mean arrogant) is not helpful. The best and for you the least expensive way is to go see your PS and see what he recommends for your treatment. If you change PSs you will be required to pay $$$ and you will probably get the very same treatment. Please tone down the hostility and name calling. Calgary has excellent plastic surgeons and you will do just fine. I hope this helps Max GouverneMD

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