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Any surgeon in US that performs calf reduction surgery (partial resection of gastroc)?

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Calf reduction

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It would be very atypical to perform a gastroc resection for calf reduction.  If you have excess fat or soft tissue in the area, liposuction may be helpful.  We perform calf liposuction in many patients who are looking for better defined calfs.  Good luck.

Calf Reduction Surgery - Gastrocnemius Resection

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Gastrocnemius resection for calf reduction was popularized by korean plastic surgeons. However, most of them no longer perform this type of calf reduction surgery for a variety of reasons: 1. mobility is high with a long recovery period 2. high risk for contour irregularities 3. bad scars from surgery. Safer options now exist with minimal recovery times. These include minimally invasive nerve resections to allow the muscle to atrophy, radio frequency probe to obliterate the nerve, and botox injections. Depending on your calf anatomy and shape, gastrocnemius resection may still be a good option for you, but it has largely fallen out of favor.

Perry Liu, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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