Calf Muscle Reduction? (photo)

Are there safe options to reduce the actual calf muscle? No fat, the actual muscle. I had to have physical therapy when I was a baby because I had motor problems, so in return for being able to walk, I gained huge calf muscles. I really want to know if there is something I can do to make my muscles smaller. I am 5'4 and 21 female FYI- I added this to the "calf implant" topic because there were no better options. Also, the picture is not my actual calves, but very similar.

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Calf Reduction

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It is possible to reduce (i.e. atrophy) the size of the calf muscles by partially cutting the nerve supply to the muscles.  When a muscle has less motor nerve input, it tends to shrink.  The procedure typically takes less than an hour and is done through small incisions behind the knee.  After surgery, the muscle will gradually shrink over the ensuing 6-12 months. Glad to help..

Calf muscle reduction

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Thank you for your question about calf muscle reduction.

  • Wearing heels reduces calf muscle size.
  • Balled stretches these and slims these muscles.
  • Neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport temporarily shrink them.
  • Nerve surgery permanently reduces them - but after a childhood of physical therapy in order to walk, be sure a physiatrist confirms a calf muscle denervation will not cause walking problems. Hope this helps. Best wishes. 

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