The tip of my nose is way to high. It looks like pig nose! What can be done? (photos)

I had my rhinoplasty on 07/24 I hatedmy profile&always felt like I had a beak/bird nose!It's only been afew days sincemy surgery(got it on Thu today is Mon)but I feel like datip of my nose isWAYtoo high!Im also worried aboutda little indentation I have inda middle ofmy nose.2 me itseems likeda surgeon jus lifted datip ofmy nose&dat made my pollybeak less noticeable.My nose also looks like a pignose now!Am I over worrying?Is it too soon?If dasurgeon messed upon my nose how can I fix thisugly tip?

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Doubtlessly: sliding genioplasty (btw, very bad nose work)

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I don't like at all the nose work on you, tip upturned and over rotated, nostrils exposure (piggy nose), over resection of cartilages, over resection of caudal septum, high osteotomies (visible fractures), pinched nose, nasal valve affection, artificiality, supratip deformity (polly beak), etc etc etc. IMHO you need a full nose revision with multiple cartilage grafts, batten grafts, septal lenghtening, refracturing, tip graft alla Sheen, etc.

The chin implants looks well done, however it is the best you can expect from chin implants, there are much better options. You are an excellent candidate for chin implant removal and replace it by osseous chin augmentation.

Being an option, chin implants have serious disadvantages, specially in the mid and long term, patients are rarely happy with them after 5-6 years, all are out by then or later.

Consider the chin advancement by means of sliding genioplasty, the advantages are:
-lifetime procedure, no more revision or renewal procedures
-more natural than implants
-no visibility of implant edges during gestures
-improves the double chin effect at the sub-mental muscles (floor of mouth) hammock caused by lack of tension there; also improves the shape and tension of perioral muscles; implants do no offer this feature
-horse-shoe enhancement, covering the chin and also the jaw sides of it
-no future displacements or neuritis of mental nerves
-practically zero infections and 100% healing of bones
-no need for complex plates and screws that may need future removal; just steel wires synthesis may suffice, they stay buried into bone callus

The cons are:
-expensive, but cheap if you consider the lifetime pros
-technically demanding, few surgeons are experienced or comfortable (though I personally perform 100% of the chin augmentations by this osseous method, always after offering the patients both options)
-scary for the patient (though not so much if you explain well the stuff around it)

You'll find in this website dozens of negative experiences with chin implants in the short and mid term, do read my profile's Q&A and you'll find them too. I am doing sliding genioplaties for 15 years with the highest success and no one patient regreted, totall the opposite, I did many chin implant removals and one staged sliding genioplasties to replace them.

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Rhino result

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Thank you for your question but there were no photos.  Th said it is way too early to judge your result but express your concerns to your surgeon.

Dr Corbin

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Possible over-rotated nasal tip

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Its far too early to tell where the final position of your nasal tip will end up. I believe you are 4 days post operative in the photo supplied, and still have surgical holding the tip of your nose up. Its very likely that your final nasal tip position will be significantly lower than in the photo supplied

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