Can my left eye be corrected to match my right eye? (Photo)

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Ptosis surgery and skin only blepharoplasty

Your left upper eyelid is droopy (ptosis) so it can be lifted (ptosis surgery) to try to match the other side. See an oculoplastic specialist for in person consultation.

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The answer is yes.

In my opinion, posterior ptosis repair will be a big mistake for you.  You actually have an issue with both upper eyelids.  They are both skeletonize with crepey skin on the eyelid platform.  The tendon that raises the upper eyelid is disinserted.  This means that posterior ptosis surgery will be profoundly disappointing because it works by plicating the levator aponeurosis. When this structure is disinserted, the surgery is ineffective.  You need a procedure that I call structured microblepharoplasty.  This would include lowering your upper eyelid creases, snugging the eyelid platform skin to remove the crepeness of the skin and support the upper eyelid lashes to make them more perky.  The tendon inside the upper eyelids would be repaired to make a hard crease.  Anterior orbital fat that is likely trapped behind upper eyelid septal scar can be mobilized forward to help reestablish the upper eyelid fold.  This work generally also allows the eyebrows to relax contributing the reestablishment of the upper eyelid folds.

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Eleven eyes correction

While you may have a mild ptosis of your left upper eyelid, it also seems that your eye globes are positioned at different levels, left side lower. This may be due to some skeletal asymmetry between the left and right sides of the face. Any history of eye trauma?

I think your best bet is to get an evaluation with an occuloplastic or facial plastic surgeon. You may need to get a CT scan of the orbits to evaluate for skeletal asymmetry. There are ways to improve this problem surgically, but first the work up is required to know exactly what type of surgery will be most beneficial in your case. 

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Ptosis Repair

Thank you for posting your question and photo.  It looks like you have ptosis of your left upper eyelid.  This can be fixed with a quick procedure that uses a hidden incision on the back of the lid.  Consider a consultation with s board certified oculoplastic surgeon to make sure your eye is otherwise healthy and that you are a good candidate.  Good luck!

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