My graft has shifted, what is the earliest I can get it fixed?

I am 1 month post op and as I was cleaning the left side of my tip I accidentally pulled at something and I felt something on the right move and shift. I want to know the earliest i can get my graft shifted back into place. I know it has shifted. My tip is also rock hard and uncomfortable on the right side. My doc is on holidays and am seeing him late next week but need to know the absolute earliest i can get it moved back? I'm hoping its a quick surg or procedure. Thank you

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Cartilage Graft Shifted i Month after Rhinoplasty

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I understand your concern but only your surgeon can answer your question. I'm sure that he has another physician taking call for him while he is vacationing. Call your surgeon's office.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Graft shifting after trauma

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It is very hard to answer your question without knowing what was done during the surgery. Even though it is hard to have to wait until next week it would be best if you had your surgeon examine the nose. They will know best what to do.

Kristina Tansavatdi, MD
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