Can clitoris be restored? (Photos)

i made a circumcision operation when i was 14 years old my parents did that to me and i hate this thing to death , I'm now 22 years old can it be restored and i got the feeling again ? those pictures after masturbtaion I don't know as well if lips can be restored please help

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I'm so sorry to hear about this. If the clitoris has been removed, then the surface nerve endings have also been removed, but the deeper tissues can still be uncovered to provide the ability to have stimulation and orgasm in many cases.  An in person exam will be able to tell what can be done to reduce scar tissue and to recreate a good. I would not pursue other aesthetic genital surgery given your history until the clitoris is able to be addressed.

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Can Clitoris Be Restored?

I'm very sorry to hear about your experience. From your photos, it appears that there might be some remaining clitoris left with scar tissue over it. Find an experienced plastic surgeon or gynecologist who regularly practices female genital plastic surgery, particularly after female genital mutilation. That person can evaluate you and give you an assessment. Fortunately, other than the scar in that area, the rest of the labia look just fine. 

Click on the link below to see why finding the right doctor is so important.

All the best. 

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Can the clitoris be restored after female circumcision?

Dear Sara,

Thank you for writing in with your questions and sharing your photos.  What a horrible experience you had to endure.  It is hard to tell from your pictures if your clitoris was just covered up or if it was actually removed.  If you feel a pea-sized bump under the skin, you may still have the clitoral glans.  If it is present, the scar tissue can be opened up to free the clitoris and improve your sensation.  The inner labia minora that are asymmetric and slightly pigmented can be reduced to make them even and pinker with a labia reduction. There are also extra skin folds around the clitoral hood that can be reduced for a cleaner more aesthetic appearance.

It is important you find an experienced cosmetic-plastic gynecologist or uro-gynecologist who has been trained to treat women with genital mutilation and who is knowledgeable in several labiaplasty techniques.  In terms of labiaplasty, there are two types of procedures, those that reduce the darker, thicker edges (the traditional edge-reducing labiaplasty) and those that preserve the edge (the various wedge procedures that include the central wedge, the inferior wedge and the posterior wedge).  The wedge procedures remove a piece from the middle of the labia and tack down the edges to keep the natural color, texture and contour, and they have a slightly higher complication rate with edges separating on occasion which may require another procedure.

You can read more about labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction at the link below.

I hope this information is helpful.


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Restore Clitoris?

Thanks for sharing your question and I'm sorry you've had to deal with this.

As others have said, if the clitoris was amputated during the circumcision procedure then it can not be restored, however, many times I've evaluated patients like you there is a clitoris under some scar tissue and this may be able to be restored by removed the scar tissue.

Hope this helps.

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Restoring Lost feminity

I am sorry for you situation.  Unfortunately, as it has been said previsously, if the clitoris was removed, it cannot be restored.  Other revisions might be done to change the appearance of the area. 

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Clitoral restoration and "clean up"

Sorry for you.
I agree with Dr Pelosi below. 
You may have a clitoris under the scar tissue. You should know if this becomes erect. If so this can be "released". I have treated such problems in the past.
As far as the labia are concerned, they can be trimmed for a more aesthetic appearance.
Good luck

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Cannot replace clitoris if removed at circumcision, but...

Hello Sara,
Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sorry about your experience. If the clitoris has been removed then there is nothing available for you other than improving the aesthetic concerns that you have. If the clitoris remains, but its covered with your hood then this can be corrected as an in-office procedure under local anesthesia at which time you may chose to correct the asymmetry and hypertrophy of your labia minora.
You should seek out a consultation with an experienced cosmetic gynecologist for a detailed examination to determine the extent of your circumcision and thus appropriate surgical recommendation.
Best of luck,

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Can the clitoris be salvaged after female circumcision/mutilation?

If the clitoris has been sewn over and buried by scar tissue, it can be repaired with a releasing procedure. If the clitoral glans and shaft have been amputated, then the clitoris cannot be restored, but the opening can be widened anteriorly if comfort is an issue. The presence or absence of the clitoris can be determined by clinical examination.

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Can clitoris be restored?

Thank you for sharing your questions and photographs.  Unfortunately if the clitoris was amputated during your circumcision it can not be replaced.  Though not accurately represented in your pictures I would discuss this with your ob/gyn doctor for confirmation and treatment options. 

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