What is the Problem with This Nose? is It Possible to Perform a Nose Job for It? (photo)

my friend went to an ENT doctor for a rihnoplasty but the dr said he have problems in the Paranasal sinuses and askd him for x-ray,after the x ray the dr said he have a hole in the bottom of his skull and he need a skull grafting surgery,we went to anther dr who told him he dont need a surgery and he can make the rhinoplasty,so i attached the the xray of my friend wish u help us to determine whether he have a Paranasal sinuses problems and he need grafting surgery or he could have rihnoplasty

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Problems with nose

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Sounds like there is a lot more going on with your friend than a simple nose job. Be careful about taking short cuts or it make come back to haunt you.

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