Would a mere augumentation achieve the results of the last photo or do I require a full mastopexy with implants?

Would a mere augumentation achieve the results of the last photo or do I require a full mastopexy and if so would the Benelli method suffice (and failing that the lollipop as opposed to the anchor?) Also what size and type would you suggest 'Miss Ideal' is at the end?

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Breast lift

You will need a lollipop lift to achieve your ideal breast appearance.  Augmentation alone will not achieve your goals. A Benelli lift is not powerful enough for your degree of deflation either so a verticall lift is the best choice if you can tolerate the scars. Seek consultation with a BCPS.  


Breast lift and implant

Thanks for sharing your images and goals.You definitely need a breast lift and implant to achieve this result.My preference is Anchor as it is the most powerful and predictable of all the techniques.The difference between a lollipop and anchor scar is only the scar in the crease (which no one sees anyway)Definitely not for a Benelli lift...I hope this helps and good luck.

Augment vs lift

Hi,I think you would definitely benefit from a lift - I don't like circum-areolar techniques, so would opt for a vertical / lollipop type scar pattern, possibly with a short horizontal scar too. This is needed primarily, and if you wish to add significant volume, then an implant must be placed as well - in other words an augmentation with a lift would be the optimum procedure for you.

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Implant or lift?

Thanks for the question.
the result you desire in the photo is a fuller breast mound with the nipple on the apex of the breast mound. if you look at your before shots and think that the nipple will say at the same height if there is no lift, then I suspect you will achieve a fuller breast that is very low, unless a lift is done.
I hope that makes sense, and the way forward a little clearer.
Jeremy Hunt

Mastopexy or Augmentation

Hi there Pollee,
Although unfortunately there are no pics attached to your question, I can tell you that this is one of the biggest dilemmas in breast enhancement surgery.
There are trade offs with any approach and obviously you will need a full examination and also to discuss your aesthetic goals with your surgeon.
In general though my philosophy is to prioritise shape over scars. My view is that most women save for those requiring only the smallest lift will need an inverted T shaped scar, the reason being that if you don't shorten the distance from the new nipple position to the fold then you leave the breast looking bottomed out. 
For those women who are borderline i.e. a candidate for a Benelli or vertical mastopexy, if they are happy or wanting an implant then often that is all that is needed, perhaps with the addition of a crescentic lift at the upper pole of the areola.
Post some pics or send them direct to me and I would be happy to look at them for you.
All the best


Hi - Would a mere augumentation achieve the results of the last photo or do I require a full mastopexy with implants? There are no photos attached to your question.RegardsDamien Grinsell

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