How much would it cost for a top set of implants as I need all top teeth removed?

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Full arch implants and denture

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Everything depends on the conditions in which the jaw is, whether or not it is appropriate to receive the implants and if you need bone grafting, another option is if you can receive the implants and to improve graft placement or simply place the implants and wait for the integration and Then place the denture which I recommend to be fixed.
In conclusion and as you can have variables, but on average without any complication of those mentioned above: place the implants and then the denture can prowl around 12,000 to 15k

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Cost of implants

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The cost of implants is dependient on multiple factors such as; implant type, necessecity to do bone grafting, type of abutment and type of crown.  Its best to get 2-3 different quotes from experienced dentist that routinely do implants and that also are experts in aesthetics.


Dr. Maddahi

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