Any suggestions for Breast Implants?

Hi All been given the i am borderline patient with the tear drop as the best option unless paying the big bucks for the lift sounds like the tear drop is not so great what should i do.

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Up to you

Honestly, the right choice is really going to be up to you. If you don't do the lift now, you can always do it later. Best of luck -- Dr. Nazarian

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Teardrop implants

Hi. The classical theory for a slightly droopy breast is that you should have an extra projecting teardrop implant to fill out the lower pole as much as possible in order to avoid a lift.  This will also lift the nipple into a better position.  In practice there is not that much difference to a round implant as it takes on a teardrop shape anyway under the effect of gravity.  This then avoids the adverse effects of the teardrop such as rotation.   In my view you are generally better off with a subglandular implant if you are in this category. Regards

Fullness on top ?

it's a question about if you want perky looking breast with fullness on top. Then a round implant with a breast lift is the solution. If you are happy with a more natural look with a somewhat more sagging look then tear drop implants without a lift could be a good solution. 

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Any suggestions for Breast Implants?

Since you are a "borderline" patient, it really is up to you what you would like to do. Many patients simply decide to go with an augmentation since the implants will give a slight lift. If they are not satisfied, they can always opt for a breast lift later. This way, they have more control over the procedures/scars/finances and only get the lift if it is really needed. Hope this helps!

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Tear drop implants can provide a slightly lifted look

Hi, I have attached a link that might be helpful...

Hi lantos83.  Without photos, or breast & nipple measurements, it is difficult to say.  If your breasts sag and/or the nipples are low, then a breast lift will definitely restore the contours.  An implant that is tear drop with extra full projection can fill the bottom of your breast tissue and elevate the nipple slightly. If you go with the implant alone, and still have minor sagging, it likely will be a small touchup.  Have a candid discussion with your plastic surgeon and ask to see B & A photos of similar patients, or speak with those patients to gauge their level of satisfaction.  Good luck!

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Breast implant suggestions

Hello, I am interpreting your question to mean that there is some breast sagging, so you are on the borderline of requiring a breast lift.  There is no way to predict the exact result in these cases - the degree of nipple elevation is variable.  Some people are satisfied with the result but others definitely still want a lift.  If you are unsure or can't afford a lift you can still proceed with implant surgery, as long as you are aware that a lift might be needed later on.

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