What Are CAD / CAM Sirona Veneers?

I am looking to get my top six teeth redone, whether it be veneers or crowns. I have an existing implant for one of my lateral incisors, and on the other side, I have a veneer over what was a peg lateral incisor. A dentist suggested I get these or his own brand of composite veneers. What exactly are these? It says "Cad Cam Sirona Cerec 3-D veneers" What does that mean?

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Lab veneers may be better option than in office CAD-CAM

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While CAD-CAM technology is awesome (I have one in my office), I find it usually works better for back teeth than front teeth.  Unless the dentist has had a tremendous amount of experience in doing these in-office, a lab ceramist will usually give a much more natural and beautiful result. 

Chicago Dentist

Single visit restorations take a long time

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While the CAD CAM technology has come a long way, most dentists lack the expertise to make veneers appear natural.  A single tooth can take between 1-3 hours to complete, and 6 as you describe can take most of a day.  While it is impressive to do this in one visit, at this point (doing so many) it may be wise to go the traditional route.  A first visit of about an hour and a second visit for the same may be less stressful for all parties.

There is nothing wrong with the Sirona technology, but a talented ceramist can really be an asset in a case like this.

When doing smiles, one should consider all teeth that show in a smile.  It is rare that 6 teeth are enough and from your photo I suggest looking into 8-10 veneers.

CEREC veneers

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From your photo it looks like only the laterals need replacing, but if you decide to do all front six, the CEREC veneers offer a single visit experience. There are only a few highly trained dentists that can do six veneers in the office with very natural results. It is techincally a challengin procedure. Some dentists have a lab person assist them in the office which can help.

Composite veneers are cheaper, but will neither last a s long, nor look as natural as CEREC veneers. Also, if you have an implant, they will be doing a full coverage crown instead of a veneer on that.

Randall LaFrom, DDS
San Jose Dentist

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CAD/CAM technology within the field of dentistry has improved significantly within the past 5 years.  Your dentist uses a product made by Sirona called CEREC 3D, which is computer technology that will allow him/her to image your teeth with a special camera attached to a computer, design your veneers with special software that incorporates Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology, and then have the veneers physically "milled" out of a block of ceramic and then bonded onto your teeth all in a single visit. 

Composite veneers may be either lab-fabricated, or directly fabricated in the mouth.  Based on your question, your dentist's own "brand" of composite veneers likely means that he/she will be making them directly in your mouth. 

The CEREC process may involve more chair time should you decide to have your veneers made and bonded in a single visit, but the esthetic result is superior to composite veneers.  Also, CEREC porcelain veneers are more durable in the long run and they are resistant to stains from coffee, tea or tobacco.

Good luck!

Michael Gulizio, DMD, MS
Manhattan Dentist

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