Can I get Breast Implants and leave the fibroadenoma?

Hi doctors.. I would like to ask if I could get the breast implants without getting the fibroadenoma remove? Just leave its in my breast.

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Fibroadenoma can be left alone

Hi Mini

It would be reasonable to leave the fibroadenoma alone (as long as it has been worked up, proven benign etc) and proceed with your breast implants.

Good Luck

Dr Gavin Sandercoe

Can I get Breast Implants and leave the fibroadenoma?

Yes,  assuming the lesion has been fully worked up and found to be benign, it can be left behind. Best wishes.

Fibroadenoma and breast augmentation


It would be totally reasonable to have the breast augmentation and leave the fibroadenoma as it is.  In some cases trying to remove the fibroadenoma will make the breast augmentation a more complex procedure with higher risks

Jeremy Hunt

Breast Implants and Fibroadenoma

The simple answer is yes, and it is much easier than trying to remove out. Your surgeon would want to know that any breast lump is definitely only a fibroadenoma, though. Regards, Dr Steve Merten

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