Full TT 6 wks ago W/upper abdominal repair: Bulge below belly button when tightening abs - Do I need muscle repair? (Photo)

I'm curious to know if the bulge is due to the doctor not tightening my lower abdominal area. My abs are NOT flat once I hit that bulge spot. I have my 3 month appointment in April and at my 1 month appointment he said it could be fat that needs to be removed but it doesn't feel like fat and he didn't even press on it that hard to know what it could be.

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Do I need muscle repair

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Actually you have a very nice abdominoplasty and I see a lot of them. Your belly button is excellent and looks like an original with a hood on the upper portion and the lower abdominal scar is superb. The fullness in your lower abdomen is likely residual fat and can be removed secondarily with liposuction. Some surgeons don't like to suction the flap at surgery due to safety concerns although this can be avoided now by using the Saldanha technique. In addition we are finding that it is unnecessary to repair muscles in most cases as we used to since it only increase post operative pain, complication risks,  and recovery time ,and by getting into some good exercise routines after surgery many patients will tighten these up on their own. I think you have had excellent care and should be grateful to your surgeon. If you do your part and get in great shape you will have an even better result. Good luck.

Tummy Bulge after Tummy Tuck

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Thanks for your pictures. This could represent relaxing of the repair and/or fat.  Only a direct physical exam will determine what this issue is and what should or can be done about it.  I would wait an additional 6 weeks before passing final judgement.

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD, DDS, FACS

Bulge after TT? Normal?

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I would tell you that you are still in the early postop period for a TT and have some swelling especially below the belly button is a very normal. Discuss your concerns with your PS and allow your body time to heal. 

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