What is the Cost of Saline Injections to Try out the Look of Fillers?

I heard that you can get saline injections that only last a few hours to see if you like the look of fillers. How much does this cost?

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Saline injections

I use saline that I slowly inject into the area that the patient wants the filler as an office visit procedure. This slowly does disappear over a day or so but gives the patient an idea of what she will look like! My patients like it and I get a better idea of what they would prefer. I have been doing the same for cheek and chin implants and more recently breasts for many years.

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Cost of Saline Injections to Try Out the Look of Fillers

Injecting saline to plump up lips for 1-2 hrs to try out the look of fillers is a very rare request but can be done under local anesthesia for $150. It was done in the movie "First Wives Club" yrs ago with Goldie Hawn.  Sincerely,

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