Effects of fat grafting in the long run?

I am 30 yrs old and have some minor fat loss around my eyes. I would rather get fat transfer than fillers because it lasts longer and is more cost effective. However, I am worried about what will happen as I age more. When I lose fat from my cheeks, will I end up with unsightly bulges under my eyes? Or will it be ok since I don't have that much fat loss yet and will probably continue to lose fat from my eyes faster than the rest of the face?

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Fat transfer

Thank you for the question.

To best help you, a physical examination would be best to determine. I do think that fat transfer is a great option, the absorption process is inevitable, fat cells are only moved form one place to another and they will react the same way as when they where back in they're old place. If you gain weight, they will multiply, if you loose weight, you will loose them there as well.

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Effects of fat grafting in the long run

Dear Violett,
  • A fat transfer under the eyes will last for several years (5-10) if done correctly and you maintain your weight
  • Since the surrounding fat will also become reduced over time, there will not be bulges
  • You should see a fat transfer expert to examine you and address your concerns to see what would look best for you

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Effects of fat grafting in the long run

Hello and thank you for your question.

The fat grafted after transfer behaves like any other fat in the face. So if adjacent fat descends with age, so will the grafted fat. I recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation to get more specific answers to your questions which can best be addressed after a thorough history and examination is performed.

Best of luck to you

David L. Cangello, MD, FACS
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Fat grafting

Fat grafting is an option for a more possible permanent alternative to hyaluronic acid fillers.    Yes, as one ages the facial fat atrophies a bit.

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Effects of fat grafting in the long run?

        Fat grafting is a nice durable alternative.  I find that the amount of volume needed for correction usually influences my decision to offer fat grafting.  For instance, if the volume loss is subtle and minimal, I will use a filler.  If a better result can be produced with more volume, fat grafting makes more sense.

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Good question and there is no definite answer for every individual - generally the fat will reflect what is going on with your weight - weight loss might mean fat loss and weight gain fat increase clearly though in rare instances there can be instances of unexplained fat growth - I would not let this deter you from using fat though.

Dr Corbin

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