Fat Knees After Weight Loss? (photo)

Background: I lost about 93 pounds in 2006 with just diet and exercise. I’m 5.7”150lbs so not overweight but my body still looks like it because of my thick heavy looking knees. I had a tummy tuck and I'm getting breast aug. But what can be done about my knees? In particular that fatty bulge of my kneecap which can be seen even from the side? I’ve been told nothing can remove it because lipo of my knees will leave them with loose skin. Why can't the fat just be sucked out and the skin lifted?

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Fat knees

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You may be a candidate for liposuction, but you would need to be examined in person by a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon.  

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Fat Knees After Weight Loss?

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         I would not recommend liposuction around the knees in your case with your history and the pictures you presented.


Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Knee liposuction

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The knees are really problematic areas. Given the weight loss, liposuction alone could possibly leave you with hanging skin and the non-invasive lasers will not be sufficient to compensate for this problem.  This can only be determined in an in-person consultation based on the laxity of your skin.

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Liposuction alone for

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It's difficult to say from your pictures (without examining you in person) whether or not you would have some redundant skin after liposuction alone of your knees.

For people who have a mild amount of excess skin and loss of elasticity, and could benefit from a skin tightening procedure in addition to liposuction, I use the Precision Tx laser in addition to liposuction. This is a bit different from Smart Lipo. You would likely be a good candidate for a procedure like this. But it's best you see a Plastic Surgeon Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in consultation so they can evaluate you and help you determine the best treatment option(s) for you.

Best of luck!

Good candidate for liposuction of the knees.

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In the photograph there does not appear to be a large amount of excess skin. The skin is in good quality so properly performed liposuction around the knees should give a good result.

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