Brazilian Butt Lift 6 Days Ago Been Active Since Day 1 Left Ankle/foot Has Been Swollen Whole Time Should I Be Concern? (photo)

ive noticed my left foot is pretty swollen is it because iam retaining fluid or have a blood clot? what should i do? how woould i know if its a blood clot? the swelling has not gotten worse at all....its been the same amount of swollen the whole time i believe. I been very active (few hours of walking a day since day after) on my feet alot and doing my feet excersize. What should i do and how to know when i need to go to the doctor? Is this normal?

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One-sided foot swelling post #brazilianbuttlift and #liposuction demands an immediate visit to your plastic surgeon

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Thank you for your very important question.  It is not uncommon to have swelling in the feet and lower legs, especially if the fat harvesting was partly done in your outer thighs and inner knees... yet, one must rule out a deep vein clotting.  Anyone having a long plastic surgery under general anesthesia, and this even more so for a female, smoker and on the oral contraceptive pill, is at risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and this require immediate medical treatment.  Without alarming you, I would strongly recommend you contact your surgeon who will likely order a vascular study (ultrasound doppler).  

In good health, Dr. Marc DuPere, Toronto Plastic surgeon board-certified 416.929.9800

Unilateral Swelling after Brazilian Buttlift

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    Unilateral leg swelling after Brazilian buttlift needs an evaluation.  This may be normal swelling, but this is difficult to tell with a single picture and a description.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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