After a TT Can You Get More Stretch Marks? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck 1 week ago and I had a ton of stetch marks on my hips before. After my TT almost all of them were removed from what I could see. I have a very small frame and started out with very little skin to stretch so after my surgery my skin was incredibely tight. I started getting more swollen the past few days and my skin sketch was extremely tight. I looked at my hips and I'm 99% sure I have new stretch marked that I did not see a few days ago. Is this possible?

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After a TT Can You Get More Stretch Marks?

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Without photos it is hard to say one way or another. Most of the marks on the side would not have been removed with a TT. The skin removed from you may have be 6  high in the midline but by the ends of the incision the ellipse would have narrowed to an inch and less. I suspect you are looking at old marks that may have been less visible with swelling.

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Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Tummy tuck stretch marks

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  The stretch marks on the lateral hip areas will not go away and because tissue was limited in removal in that region, they will stay.  The tummy tuck procedure does not create new ones but some that migh have been flatter before the surgery may be more visible due to the swelling.

  The stretch marks of the lower abdomen are for the most part removed with a tummy tuck but considering you have the vertical scar in the midline, then you will have more limited removal than if the belly button circle (now a vertical line because it could not get pulled below the horizontal incision safely) was removed totally with the surrounding stretch marks.

  You seem to have a nice result. 

Strech Marks After Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for your photographs.  You have a nice result thus far.  A tummy does not produce stretch marks.  You probably have some very fine stretch marks in that area that are now magnified due to swelling.  As the swelling decreases this stretch marks should become less noticeable.  Best wishes

Dr. Es

Abdominoplasty does not cause stretch marks.

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In abdominoplasty does not cause stretch marks. On the other hand, it does not prevent stretch marks going forward. Major weight fluctuations or the use of steroids can generate abdominal wall stretch marks.

Stretch marks after tummy tuck

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While it is possible to get new stretch marks, based on your photos it is more likely that they were not completely removed and are more visible due to the swelling. Usually the stretch marks at the lower abdomen are removed during a tummy tuck, but those at the hips are only partially removed because less skin is removed in that area. After surgery, especially when you are swollen, the same stretch marks can take on a pink or purple appearance and be more noticeable. They will most likely fade again with time. It's a good idea to talk to your surgeon about it, and he or she can tell you for sure based on your preoperative photos and experience in the operating room.

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