10 months post revision: Corrected a bump on my bridge. My surgeon suggested we taper it further. Now I feel distorted. (photo)

This has left me with so much emotional damage. Anxiety depression and regret. How many surgeries can one get? Have I gone too far? I was unhappy with the result of my first surgery, originally just to correct a bump on my bridge. I used to have a pretty tip and elegance to it. But my surgeon suggested we taper it further and now I feel distorted and hideous. Do you think there is any hope or would another revision run too high of a risk for further deformity ? Thank You in advance.

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Depending on your examination, revision rhinoplasty may be considered for refinement of the lower third of your nose.

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Your nasal tip appears quite wide on front view. Whether this is scar tissue or tip cartilage is not clear. Consider consulting with several revision rhinoplasty specialists so you could see what might be best for you moving forward. Consider bringing a copy of your operative reports and preoperative photos to your consultation.

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Revision Rhinoplasty Considerations

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Thanks for your post. It is completely understandable for you to feel emotional, anxious, regretful and depressed over the thought of having to consider yet another nasal surgery. Since you are clearly unhappy with your current situation, the key is to consult with a true, experienced rhinoplasty expert and have a complete evaluation. Gather all medical operative notes, photos and schematics of your previous surgeries and share them with your chosen Facial Plastic Surgeon during your consultations. A thoughtful assessment may suggest a path toward further improvement, while minimizing your risks of additional deformity. In my view, it would be worthwhile to seek an opinion from a reputable specialist. 

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