Would a CO2 Laser Be Appropriate For Large Pores, Boxcar Scars?

I am considering treatment of large pores on my cheeks and some boxcar scars on my temples. I know that the acne scars will never be completely smooth but would a c02 laser help at least with the scars, uneven skin tone, and large pores? Thanks in advance. I still actively break out, however my skin is mostly under control with just a few pimples on my face. I would like to seek some sort resurfacing treatment but am unsure if its possible since i still breakout.

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CO2 laser for Acne Scars

A CO2 laser works very well for acne scarring.  The active acne should be controlled before proceding with any resurfacing to minimize the risk of infection.  Once that is under control, the CO2 laser is the gold standard laser for deep acne scars, like the boxcar scars.  In addition, your skin should be much more even and have smaller pores after the treatment.

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