C02 Laser Alternate Between Antibiotic and Petrolium Jelly Wash with Water Only? or Cetaphil?

I just had C02 laser resurfacing the doctor said to wash with only water and then to alternate between layers of petrolium jelly and triple antibiotic ointment. Online it say's to use cetaphil to wash. It also say's to use vinegar, should I be using cetaphil or vinager? I have a history of acne but had it under control with a wash and cream regimine as well as spirinolactone taken orally I am still taking the oral medication what should I do? Thanks.

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Post CO2 Laser Regimens

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Following CO2 laser each doctor has a preference with regard to post treatment care.  Some prefer antibiotic ointments while others may prefer Aquaphor.  In addition, it would be common for the doctor to prescribe antiviral and antibiotics.  Discuss the aforementioned with your plastic surgeon.

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