I Had a C02 Lasar on 10/21. My Skin is Not Red and Has No Brown Spots So I Assume my Skin His Healed. Am I Correct?

A small area of doscoloration is still on my face. Can I use 4% hydroquinone on this area? Can I begin to use Retin A .05% as part of my skin care routinee. Do you need a 2nd C02 lasar in some cases? How long should I wait between my first and second lasar?

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When I'm I healed after co2 laser and what should I do for hyperpigmentation

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You are usually healed after 7 days to 2 weeks. Good marker is when you stop oozing and the skin is pink. If you are not red at all you should be definitely healed. The hyperpigmentation can be treated with hydroquinone, retin A, and hydrocortisone. You can start this as early as 2 weeks but 4 weeks is the standard for starting this. serial chemical peels can help as well as very light co2 lasers as well.

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Generally three monhts is recomended between treatments. Someone needs to see your discoloration before tyou treat it. You are healed for the purposes of appying makeup and sunscreen but, godd changes will continue to happen up to three monts

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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