C-section fat. Will this area automatically become smaller and smaller as I continue to lose weight?

Will Cool Sculpting work at tightening up the fat fat bulge at 150-160lbs? I am 5'6"

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Assuming you are several months post C-section coolsculpting is a wonderful treatment for the extra bulge of fat above a C-section incision. It will continue to improve on its own with weight loss, but for some women that extra little bulge will still be there.   You should see a skilled technician to see if you are a good candidate based on fat distribution and skin laxity in the area. 

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Treatment of fat bulge after C-section

As you lose weight, the bulge should become smaller.  CoolSculpting will give you a "jump start" and decrease that bulge as well.  You should continue to diet and exercise to have the best results.  The skin after the c-section may also return to normal.  If there is lax skin you may need Thermage or an abdominoplasty to repair.  I would start with CoolSculpting since it is safe and non-invasive and designed to treat a bulge.

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Treatment for fat area post c-section with CoolSculpting

Not having knowledge of when you had your c-section, this response will be based on the assumption that you are at least several months post op and you are healed and well on your way to your normal weight.

Pregnancy causes some temporary laxity in muscles of the abdomen (and sometimes a permanent laxity that, if severe, is only correctable by surgery). The skin stretches as well and sometimes does not return to its normal elastic levels. Bear this in mind with any procedure you select and make sure those issues are not confused with fat accumulation. If skin has lost enough elasticity, even with fat loss, the skin will remain lax. In some instances radio frequency can help tighten skin on the abdomen - but won't be able to duplicate surgical tightening.

CoolSculpting will impact the fat accumulation in the area that is treated. As your question suggests you are still losing pregnancy weight, then the combination of CoolSculpting, your whole body fat change and exercise could work very well for you.

CoolSculpting action does not continue indefinitely, but you should easily see a difference in the usual 2-4 months that it takes for the disrupted fat to be eliminated by the body.

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Belly Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting

I recommend that you visit the CoolSculpting website and find a top provider in the area near you.  Consultations for CoolSculpting are essential to determine if you are an appropriate candidate based on your physical condition, medical history, and body type.  Subcutaneous fat pockets with well defined borders can be treated with CoolSculpting by freezing the fat cells while not damaging the healthy tissue in the surrounding area.  Your provider can determine if scar tissue from your cesarean section is going to interfere with your treatment or results.  My practice recommends that patients wait one year after delivering via cesarean before proceeding with CoolSculpting. 
Top providers in CoolSculpting can have benefits other than expertise.  As the top CoolSculpting provider in our region, we are able to offer our patients free treatments through our buy one get one free promotion.  Along with Instant Rebates, my practice offers dual machines, compression garments, and vibrational therapy.  More information about CoolSculpting Complete can be found on my website.

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