I Am Planning to Do a Do a Tummy Tuck in Ny Can This Procedure Be Combine Bbl + Fat to Hips?

i had a consult with a doctor in regards to doing a tummy tuck and he was willing to do it just need.the basic medical clearance, ect but i have another consult on tuesday to see if he can also do a brazilian butt lift and maybe add fat graphing to my hips? if this possible or is the procedure to large?

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Brazilian Buttlift and Tummy Tuck at the Same Time

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   I perform these procedures sometimes several times a day, but I do not perform them on the same person at the same time.  The reason for this is poor recovery logistics and less dramatic results.  If you want the greatest transformation, you should liposuction the most fat you can and transfer the most that you can. 

       The abdomen cannot be suctioned as aggressively when a tummy tuck is performed.   You risk flap death and large abdominal skin defect. 

        Also, the tummy tuck will prevent you from sleeping on your stomach.  However, you will not want to be on your buttock after fat transfer.  You will never be comfortable and you risk damaging the fat due to pressure.  Do the surgeries at separate times.  Find the surgeon with best credentials to perform these two procedures for you.

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