Does Having 2 Different BWD Measurements Impact Results This Much?

SO I am truly disappointed. My 2 week post op was yesterday and apparently I am deformed. My breasts were the same size before augmentation, both were AA cup size. My doctor mentioned that my chest walls were different sizes at pre-op and I asked if that was a problem and was simply told no. Nothing else was mentioned until now. I requested the measurments from the staff today and haven't gotten them yet but am so sad. I have Mentor 325cc HP unders. Is this a normal problem? Leftie=sideboob-less

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Breast asymmetry

Everyone has a bit or asymmetry between their two breasts. SO it is not surprise that you see it more after surgery.;

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Breast asymmetry

I do not see the discrepancy you are describing on this limited photograph and would certainly NOT consider you deformed.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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