What Is Causing Buzzing in my Ears After TT and BA? Maybe Due to the Medicine (percocet)?

2 days ago I had a TT, change my breats size from 300cc to 500cc...I'm 5.2" 112lbs...skinny but the reason I had TT is because about 2 years ago I had a lipo after my second baby was born, and I had my stomach ruined =( so I went to a surgeon that specializes in reconstructive surgery and just had it done...It hurts like hell and I feel like I'm gonna split in to everytime I get up or walk or lay down...I'm ok when lying down, but I can't sleep because the buzzing in my ears, what can i do about it.

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Go see your doctor regarding your buzzing.

Buzzing in your ears can be caused by many things.  You need an history and physical exam to be sure.  What meds are you on?  


I really suggest that you see a board certified ASAPS member plastic surgeon for the very best care.  


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