Where I Can Buy Salicylic Skin Peel in Dubai?

I had dark patches on my cheek since 2 years and day by day it became worst. i had use many expensive cream like cosmelan 2,meladerm and some other few cream but it go and appear again those pigmentation cream prescribe by dermatologist .May be i can try salicylic acid please advice??

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Skin darkening

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  • A common cause of dark skin patches on the cheeks in women is hormone changes, usually pregnancy. It is called melasma.
  • Avoiding the sun and wearing a titanium dioxide/zinc oxide sun block is essential or the sun will continue to darken the skin. 
  • Aggressive skin care with glycolics, hydroquinone and tretinoin combined with TCA or salicylic acid peels will help - done by professionals. 
  • I respectfully suggest that you find a plastic surgeon who is a member of the International Society of Plastic Surgeons to help you.

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