Will the "Button Nose" Look of my Nose Go Away when Swelling Subsides?

I am 5 days post op and got my cast off today. I KNOW that swelling is still present and I'm suppose to be patient but I feel like my nostrils are flared and the tip is too bulbous. I know it takes some time for the swelling in the tip of my nose to decrease but what about the nostrils? Will they contract a little when swelling goes down?

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Tip cartilage shape detemines tip roundness

I assume that the "button"appearance you are talking about is in your tip. 

Your tip will narrow and soften as it heals, but the shape of the cartilage determines the roundness or angularity of your tip.  Your tip cartilages are convex and arranged so that they angle up toward the inner corners of your eyes.  This is normal, and occurs in 50% of the population.

It is too soon to worry.  Discuss the issue with your surgeon because he or she knows what was done and can reassure you or plan a correction someday if you do not heal as expected.

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Considerable Swelling

A 5 days post-op, there is still considerable swelling in the soft tissues. The nostrils can appear flared because of the tip swelling. These both should resolve within the next few weeks.

Elliot M. Heller, MD
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