What's Best - a Button or Extended Implant for the Jaw?

I've heard the edges of a button implant can be difficult to blend into the jaw but extended implants create a better jawline; however they also widen the appearance of the jaw from the front. If I want a narrower jaw is it better to use a button implant? Can they also give a better jawline?

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Extended implant is better for the jaw than button implant

The old style button chin implants are not used any longer because they tend to leave sidewall deformities of the chin. It is impossible to tell without a picture as to whether or not what type of chin implant you may need since there are hundreds of different sizes and styles of chin implants that are used today.

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Chin Augmentation Implant...Button or Extended?



Best to go with an extended chin implant which can be costumized and tapered to fit your chin/jawline.  Good luck and be well.

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Chin implant- button vs. extended

Draw a line from the outside corner of the nose just touching the corner of the mouth and then extending down to the jawline. Where this crosses the jaw is where the chin implant should end. The edge of the implant should taper down to almost single piece of paper thickness. That way the edge of the implant will not be discernible as a step off. If you are a male you want a squared chin rather than a narrow chin & that can be achieved with this type of implant. For females we usually want a round chin point. If you want to see how bad a button chin implant can look just look at some older photos of Michael Jackson. You can see a concave contour on either side of the implant within the boundaries I have just described. The look is less natural.

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