Button Chin Implant Style? (photo)

I am looking to have a central button type chin implant in order to get more refined projection, lenght, but no width at all, does this type of implant Will do what i need? I have read that medpore Is a good compagny that does make them. I need tp know wherther there are surgeons available in the Chicago or Boston areas that are familiar with this type of central button chin implant who could help? Thank you for your help.

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Button style chin implant

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Button style implants have gone out of style because they can leave the chin too pointy. They are still used. Using silastic will allow your surgeon to specifically carve your implant to fit your wishes. I like silastic much better than medpore. If there is a problem then medipore can be a real problem to remove.


David Ellis Facial Plastic Surgeon, Art of facial Surgery


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Button Chin Implant Style?

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   These are still good options for females seeking a pointy chin as you are.  They play a role just like anything else.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Chin implants

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 Button style Chin implants  went out of style over 20 years ago due to the very unnatural look. These type of implants tend to accentuate a very pointy chin. We have removed many of them performed elsewhere because of patient dissatisfaction with these type of implants. We also recommend Silastic implants  not Medpor. 

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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