Top Trays Have a Bubble That's Visible While Talking, Do I Have the Right to Ask the Doctor to Redo Them?

I'm on tray 6/43. My top has a button attached which you can see when I smile/talk. It's like a bubble on your teeth. I wasn't happy as wasn't told there would be a bubble until dentist gave me my tray. I told him I'm not happy and he agreed to get ride of attachment. However, he said as rest of trays are already made so can't get rid of that bubble on top tray. As a client, what right do i have to ask him to redo the rest of top tray so there's no bubble. Thanks.

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Invisalign attachments

The bubble you refer to fits over an attachment that was placed on your tooth that was prescribed and designed to specifically move that tooth.  Discussing the use of attachments in Invisalign should occur before treatment begins as these adjuncts are quite typical, in fact, many times multiple attachments are required.  Although these bumps or bubbles may be visible to you, most folks looking at your smile are unaware of them.  If they are noticed, you can inform those that comment that you're improving your smile with Invisalign aligners and that is part of the treatment.  You could continue that you are fortunate that you are not wearing traditional braces as they would be even more noticeable.  Communication with your licensed orthodontic specialist is key in achieving the results you desire.

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Bubble on the tray

You can discuss with your dentist about having that removed.One suggestion is that your dentist will request a refinement .This way he will have to take a new set of impressions and request the placement of the attachment on a different tooth.

Antoaneta Barba, DDS
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Do I Have the Right to Ask the Doctor to Redo Them?

short answer: you have the RIGHT to ask anything

Long answer: Will you doctor agree to your request? That likely depend on a few things. Which I will touch on. But first try to recall if you sign and informed consent paper, if you did, it discussed the "attachments."

If you are doing Invisalign Express I would beg your doctor to put it back on your tooth or you likely will not get the result you hope for. At my office, with Invisalign Express you get 10 trays once and that is it, unless you want to pay more. If a patient is in FULL or Teen Invisalign there are up to three times I can get my patient new trays for not extra cost to me. These trays are call REFINEMENT trays. Typically I do not charge for these. The only down side is you'll have to wait for your replacement trays to come, there for possibly delaying your completion of treatment.

My advise, try to get over it. People don't notice them like you think. BUT if you can't ask.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
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You can ask for a "Refinement" with Invisalign

The bump you see in the tray was part of the planned treatment.  An attachment on the tooth was recommended by the diagnostic staff and computer model for your case.  If this tooth is severely out of place, it could be difficult to replace it.  Your dentist can submit a Refinement request to Invisalign to have the attachment removed.  This may require an attachment on a different tooth to achieve the same end result.  Your case is complicated because of the 43 aligners needed to complete treatment.  Have an open and honest conversation with your dentist. I'm sure both of you want a great result.  Good luck with your treatment.  You'll love the final result.

Dustin Nelson, DDS
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Use the attachment for best results

The bubble that you speak of is an attachment that is used for anchorage and allows the tray to provide necessary movements to your teeth.  Almost every case has a few and sometimes more are added as the case progresses. Without these your treatment time will increase and you may not get the result that is expected.  It is unfortunate that this was not discussed with you prior to treatment but you should consider following the protocol if you want the best result.  Keep in mind that these attachments are low profile as compared to traditional orthodontics and in reality probably no one but you recognizes that they are there.

Gary Nack, DDS
Philadelphia Dentist

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