Buttocks Appear Flatter and Saggier a Year After Fat Transfer? (photo)

I had vaser lipo on my stomach,inner thighs and banana roll with a fat transfer to the buttocks. I was so excited when anticipating the results but a year down the line I wish I had never touched it! Looking back now I think I had the perfect bottom.Now I'm left with more uneven and saggier looking skin under my buttocks and inner thighs after the surgery and a flatter looking derrier overall even though I followed all postoperative guidelines. How is this even possible? What can I do to fix it?

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Not the Right Candidate

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Unfortunately, it appears that you were not a good candidate for fat transfer and buttocks shaping because you did not have a significant volume of fat to remove to improve the shape of your waist.  In turn, there was not enough fat to transfer to your buttocks.  Secondly, the banana roll should NEVER be touched! Only, solution for you would be buttocks implants but these implants aren't without their issues.

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A Year After Brazilian Buttlift

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      Did you ever notice a difference with your buttocks after the swelling was gone?  You also did not appear to have banana rolls prior to surgery.  Is it possible that the buttock at the inferior aspect was suctioned as well?  At any rate, I would have to see you in person to determine if anything else could be done.  If you have fat stores that can be liposuctioned, you can have improved buttocks. Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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