What Would Make Buttocks "Fall" Almost Immediately After a Lower Body Lift?

3 weeks ago I had a circumfrential body left. I was told post surgery, my buttocks was pert and round. Shortly after surgery, my buttucks completely flattened. What happened? I have abnormally loose tendons, could this have any bearing on loose connective tissue supporting a larger mass?

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Lower body lift

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A lower body lift is a procedure that includes a buttock lift. Anytime the buttock is lifted, the upper buttock and lower back tissues are excised.  This flattens the buttocks in every type of patients.  Thus, most post-bariatric plastic surgeons use the lower back tissue to augment the buttocks at the time of the buttocks lift.  For more information on plastic surgery after weight loss and extensive pictures, please see my website and youtube videos.

Buttock Lift

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The longivity of any procedure would depend on appropriate preoperative diagnosis and and appropriate planning of the surgery to meet the desired goals.

The fact that you buttock drooped only 3 weeks after the surgery, that is the time when swellig is gone to a significant amount. Therefore the buttock may not have been addressed to a significat part.

Also the longivity of any procedure will depend on the quality of the tissue and the quality of the skin as well as the goals set preoperatively through communication with the surgeon as to the ultimate goals desired.

Revisit the issue of the buttocks with your surgeon and discuss your options and possibly revisiting the buttock lift, or adding more volume or the combination of these two procedures to get you the desired results. 

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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