Buttocks Augmentation - Limit on Buttocks Size?

I not only want a more prominent and tight buttocks, I want it as big as it can get because I am 225 pounds. I like being thick, but I want a big butt to match.  What, if any, are the limitations as to how large your butt can be made with butt augmentation?

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Size limits for butt augmentation

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Thanks for the question. There are no specific limitations on buttocks size. When we perform the surgery, we try to understand what the patient's goals are and to determine if your body will let us accomplish those goals for you. Before your surgery is in your best interest received medical clearance to make sure that you are medically safe and healthy enough to receive the surgery. Also discuss with your plastic surgeon to see if they would recommend that you initiate an exercise regimen or lose any weight before you receive your surgery.

Finally during your consultation with your plastic surgeon, be very specific about the areas that you would like to augment. Your plastic surgeon should be able to tell you if this is a realistic goal and if liposuction of other areas may accentuate the ones you are concerned with.


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Buttock Augmentation

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To the original question, Dr. Esmailian gave a great answer, basically it depends on how much fat you have to serve as donor fat. My personal record is 1100 grams (about 2.3 pounds) per butt cheek, but the patient was a little heavier than you. You may get a sizeable increase, but the most important thing will be the improvement in body contour you will get.

As for DonnaB63's question, yes, there is a way to get exactly what you want. It works by contouring the butt first by liposuction, then your body does the rest by a process of fat redistribution. In a case like yours, it is preferrable to fat grafting or implants because it is more economical, has less chance of complications, and recovery is that of liposuction alone.

Buttock Augmentation

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In general you are less likely to have issue with fat grafting or the brazilian butt lift. That is where we take the fat that was taken off from liposuction and inject it into the buttock area. Commonly the limiting factor is how much fat a person has which limits how much we can inject.

Remember not every bit of fat aspirated from liposuction is worthy of being injected. In general I estimate about 30% of what is aspirated is "good" fat that can be injected. So if you have a fair amount of areas that can contribute fat for the augmentation then the bigger and more fat can be injected.

Hope that answers your question.

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