Can a Buttocks Augmentation Be Combined with Buttock Implants?

can a butt augmentation be combined with buttock implants? i have been considering a butt augmentation for the second time but sense i do work out i am scared for it not to last very long i thought about getting liposculpture and asking the doctor to shape my hips with that and get butt implants as well. is that possible?

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Buttock Augmention can be done with Either FAT, Implants or Both.

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I think you are confused about buttock augmentation. ANYTHING placed into the buttocks to increase their prominence can be described as a Buttock Augmentation.

The operation can be done with fat transfer alone (Brazilian Butt Lift), placement of buttock implants alone or with combined buttock implant placement and adding fat grafting to feather the implant margins and fill up the areas the implant may not reach. Depending on your buttock size and appearance, the look you want to achieve and the amount of available fat you can have any of these procedures.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Buttock implants can be combined with a bit of fat grafting for maximum improvement

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Hi there-

Both implants and fat grafting, in the Brazilian Butt Lift technique, are buttock augmentation methods.

If you are hoping to achieve buttock fulness through the use of implants, with fat grafting for maximization of shape and symmetry, I do think this would be possible.

Choosing a butt augmentation doctor

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Patients today have many options in butt augmentation. Patients may choose a Brazilian Butt lift which consists of aggressive liposuction to the abdomen and trunk. The fat that is collected is then cleaned, processed, and then strategically transplanted to the butt. Patients appreciate their new figure, their tight waist, and their round and full buttocks. Patients who do not have adequate fat for transplanting, may consider receiving Butt implants If done properly, butt implants can create a beautiful long lasting result- especially in patients who do not have enough fat to receive a successful Brazilian Butt Lift.

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Buttock and HIPS

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If you mean to take the fat and use it in the HIPS, then use a buttock implant to enhance the BUTTOK area, then yes these two procedures can be done

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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