Best Buttock Implant - Solid Silicone or Silicone-Filled?

i'm getting butt implants but i dont know which one would best for me.solid silicone or silicone filled implant and would is the average cost for a solid silicone implant and do i really need hip implants as well or can i get way without having the hip implant.i dont have any hips but i do want a big behind.

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Buttock Implant

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I do a fairly good amount of buttock implants. I am not aware that there is silicone filled implants in the U.S.. All what is available is solid silicone implants.

Buttock augmentation does not necessarly have to do lateral hip implants. That is a patient choice.

Buttock implants are best in the submuscular space. Seroma is a common complication.

Choice of implant is dependant on the shape of the buttock, the measurement of the buttock and where the fill of the buttock is most needed.

Scars are in the intergleuteal fold(Hidden), Two seperate incisions is better to seperate the two pockets.

Cost varies  but the avarage total cost is $ 8000

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