What Does It Mean To Have a Flick of Air in Lateral Butt Implant? (Photos)

My implants were done 4/21/11.There was no drainage tube so the fluid build up cause the wound to split open & the LEFT implant was exposed.My surgeon pushed it back in and stitched it up.Now I hav a LARGE lump on my LEFT cheek with a hole that drains with a lot pain.I had a cat scan done and what we believed to be an abcess was not.The cat scan show there was NO ABSCESS but indcated a fold in the LEFT lateral implant with a flick of air.I need to know what this means.My surgeon said i did this

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You may need to have the implant removed.

Unfortunately your CT scan may be misleading.  It appears as though your implant wants to erupt through the skin.   I would see your surgeon ASAP to be evaluated for possible implant removal, drain placement, and IV antibiotics to speed healing.  Without evaluating you in person it would be impossible to give you any other advice.

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Dr. Shah

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Butt implants

You have a major problem regardless of what the CT scan shows,

You have an infection and need immediate removal of the implants. Then treat the mass , Possible infection with debridement and IV antibiotics.


Samir Shureih, MD
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