Buttock Implants Were Installed Too Small and Too High

I wanted larger hips and but so I had 350cc buttock implants last year and they placed them too high and they are too small. This made the problem worse and now I look worse. I would like to know if fat injections around the out side of the implant or would I have to have the implants replaced? Can fat be transferred to the outer thighs and hips of the butt with the implants replaced?

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Butt implants misplaced

Dear Ponytail,

In answer to your question regarding fat transfer, yes, you can have fat transferred to the outer buttocks and hips to enhance these areas around the implants.  If you feel that your implants are too small you might consider moving to a larger implant, although a 350cc buttock implant is rather large already.  The caveat to adding fat around the implants is that you have to have enough fat to transfer.  Good luck!

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Revision After Buttock Implants

Yes, provided you have enough fat to harvest from another area of your body, it is possible to use fat grafting now to kind of fine tune the results of the initial buttock implants surgery.  If not you would have to go with a larger and maybe different shaped buttock implant.  Best of luck...RAS

Ryan Stanton, MD
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Buttock Implants

If the position of the buttock implant is completely not in the right position then repositioning the implant comes first. You can have fat transfer with the implant in and have the fat transfered any where you like to give you the shape and size you want.

Also fat can be transfered into the "HIPS" or the lateral thighs to widen the appearance of the pelvis.

The question is do you have enough fat for all this?

Liposuctioning the flanks will give the buttocks a rounder appearance.

Samir Shureih, MD
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