Buttock Implant Removal? (photo)

Hello. I had buttock implants removed about 2 years ago and I'm left with this unsightly asymmetrical buttocks enlarged buttocks that looks as if I still have implants and it feels slightly hard in the area which leads me to believe there is scar tissue. Any suggestions on what can be done to correct this? I just want to look normal again.

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Buttock Implant Removal?

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     Fluid collection or scar tissue or both would be reasonable conclusions to be drawn from your description and photos.  The buttocks can probably be returned to a more symmetric pair with the right surgery.                                                                                                                            Kenneth Hughes, MD                                                                                                                                           Los Angeles, CA

Asymmetry after buttock implants removal

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It very likely you have some consequential scar tissue build up +/- fluid accumulation (aka seroma).  If you have not already, I recommend you return to your original surgeon for an exam and treatment recommendations.  If s/he is no longer available then seek consult with another board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in buttock implants.  Glad to help... 

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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2 years after butt implants removal

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Dear Raine, Thank you for submitting your pictures and sorry for your problems. Have you gone back to your surgeon ? He should be able to answer your questions. From your pictures it appears that your left buttock is bigger. Without examining you it is difficult to figure out the cause, but one reason that comes to mind is 'seroma' or fluid collection. As far as the hardening, again you need to be examine. Did you have fat injection done with the butt implants ? That can explain the scarring. In any event, if you are uncomfortable going back to your original surgeon, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who has lots of experience with butt implants. Best of luck, Dr Widder.

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