Is There a Limit to How Big One Can Go for Butt Augmentation?

I want my butt to stand out. I have seen pictures and none are as big as I want mine. How big can one go? Will it cost more?

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Gluteal augmentation

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There is always limits in plastic surgery and yes there is a limit to how large you can go. If you are considering the brazilian butt lift, it all depends on how much fat is harvested from your body, that will be the rate limiting factor. As far as implants go, I dont recommend them, but there will be a limit to how large of an implant that can be placed as well.

Good luck.

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Buttock enhancement

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Dear Not Enough,

Certainly there are limits, however, depending on your frame and excess fat of other areas of the body, the brazilian buttock lift can produce a significantly larger and fuller buttocks by transferring fat from these unwanted areas and using it to enhance the buttocks. The liposculpture that is performed in the surrounding areas will also help to give a relative increase in size and projection of the buttocks. Your best bet is to see a board certified plastic surgeon that is familiar with this type of procedure and can give you a realistic expectation of the postoperative result. Good luck.

Dr. Sean Simon

Miami, FL

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